Leta Herman brings ancient wisdom to modern times

Leta Herman

Leta Herman is an author, presenter/speaker, podcaster, Chinese Medicine workshops instructor and practitioner, and co-founder of Born Perfect, a new media company. Long-time student of Master Jeffrey Yuen, she offers a wide range of energetic acupressure and Alchemy treatments based on the principles of ancient Chinese Medicine at her clinic and on her travels. 

Speaking Engagements: Work with me

Podcast: Inspired Action Podcast

Clinic: Alchemy Healing Center

Alchemy Workshops:

Gua Sha and Cupping Workshops:

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Leta Herman has written a number of books on Chinese Medicine and is a co-founder of Born Perfect Ink, a new publishing company dedicated to bringing ancient wisdom to modern time.

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Private Practice

Leta Herman is the founder of the Alchemy Healing Center in Northampton, MA. 

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