Teaching Clinic

Starting in February 2016, Leta will host a teaching clinic. If you have a healing practice in some capacity (for example, massage therapy, acupuncture, or acupressure), you are welcome to visit the clinic for a day, several days, or on an ongoing basis as an apprentice.

The teaching clinic will have two options:

  • Observe Leta during her normal clinic hours (dates to be announced). Clinical observation is $100 a day.
  • Become an apprentice and attend clinic on a regular basis.
  • Come to a Clinical day. Clinical days are $125 a day. Clinicals have a specific theme and are focused on teaching specific aspects of Leta’s work. For example, a Gua Sha clinic or a Cupping clinic. We will have lunch together and an hour wrap-up teaching session.

For more information about observing treatments in her clinic, please contact us at 413-213-0303 or contact Leta below.


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