Thai Yoga Massage

We are thrilled to offer Thai Yoga Massage at the clinic.

Thai Yoga Massage is a stretching technique that is known to release muscle tension, improve circulation, relieve emotional stress, and boost the immune system.  We are happy that Cody Brown, an amazing massage therapist and son of Leta’s massage teacher Teeka Brown, has joined our office!


CodyHeadshot2Cody Brown, LMT

Try Thai!!!
Thai Yoga Massage that is!

Cody Brown has the energy and joy for life that we all should be striving for!Cody has studied Thai Yoga Massage at the Lotus Palm School in Montreal, Canada, and he loves to bring this style of massage to his practice. Cody has a background in multiple sports, as both a player and a coach. Thai Yoga Massage is great for athletes, active people…and yes, even for people who practice yoga!

“My mission is to work with people who want to get all they can out of their bodies, with a focus on muscle flexibility and energetic restoration.  I want to spread the message that massage therapy has limitless benefits and is more than just a relaxation practice. It can be a truly therapeutic experience for the body, mind, and spirit!” — Cody Brown, LMT

To book a Thai Yoga Massage session or Massage with Cody, you may use Leta’s Online scheduling system…

 Click HERE… or please call

 Cody at 413-687-7410


the office at 413-213-0303