Leta Herman brings ancient wisdom to modern times

Leta Herman

Leta Herman is an author, presenter/speaker, podcaster, Chinese Medicine workshops instructor and practitioner, and co-founder of Born Perfect, a new media company. Long-time student of Master Jeffrey Yuen, she offers a wide range of energetic acupressure and Alchemy treatments based on the principles of ancient Chinese Medicine at her clinic and on her travels. 

Classes: Alchemy Learning Center

Speaking Engagements: Work with me

Podcast: Inspired Action Podcast

Clinic: Alchemy Healing Center

Gua Sha and Cupping:

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Inspired Action Podcast

Leta Herman co-hosts the Inspired Action podcast. The Inspired Action podcast is for anyone interested in creating more balance in life, understanding your Five Element energetic natures, finding the path of greatest ease, releasing the baggage of this lifetime or discovering ancient Alchemy that can help you truly fly in your life.  Listen in as the authors of The Energy of Love and Connecting your Circle, Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman have fast-pasted, lively, sometimes funny and inspiring conversations and interviews about finding balance and loving your life more through ancient Chinese Medicine philosophies, The Five Elements, Wu Wei, Alchemy, Daoism, Transformation, Life Coaching, Eckhart Tolle, The Matrix, Gandalf, Abraham, Jeffrey Yuen and more … it’s all about having more fun in your life and living as authentically as you can today! We hope what inspires us, will inspire you! Join us on this Alchemical, transformational journey. Thank you for subscribing to this podcast. We look forward to seeing you in the #InspiredActionPodcast community. 

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Leta Herman has written a number of books on Chinese Medicine and is a co-founder of Born Perfect Ink, a new publishing company dedicated to bringing ancient wisdom to modern time.

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Private Practice

Leta Herman is the founder of the Alchemy Healing Center in Northampton, MA. 

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