Chaotic Energy

hydrantOne of the first things I check when I’m working with a new client is whether their energy is flowing freely in their energy meridians. Sometimes we have blocks within the meridians that cause various symptoms.

Blocks can be caused by negative emotions or physical injuries. But on occasion, your energy might not be flowing because it’s become chaotic.

Usually when I tell clients that their energy has become chaotic, they agree wholeheartedly. They often feel like life is out of control. They may feel stressed or anxious or even paranoid. They may have bizarre unusual physical symptoms that doctors can’t really diagnose as an illness (yet). Generally speaking, they just don’t feel like themselves. And if you asked any family members, they might say that their loved one just isn’t behaving normally.

Chaotic energy causes the energy flow in your body to be stuck in several places. You basically cannot be yourself when this is happening.

The good news is, there is a solution! Chinese Medicine can clear the Chaotic Energy and bring good energy flow back to your body.

I treat Chaotic Energy in Energetic Acupressure sessions whenever it’s needed. It’s one of the first things we do in a new client session.