Ghost Points


When past experiences of any type still haunt you today, we say you’re not really free to be yourself. We’ve all had the experience of having something bad happen and then wanting to prevent it from happening again. Often we easily move through these problems. Some events are so big that they continue to haunt us throughout our lives: a loss of a lover, the death of a loved one, depression over lost dreams, even physical trauma, like sudden accidents, or coming into contact with some kind of parasite. All of these things can impact our energy and hamper our ability to grow and succeed in our lives.Thousands of years ago, well-known Chinese Medicine practitioners created different protocols to help us cleanse on all three levels (body/mind/spirit). These techniques have been passed down generation after generation. The 13 Ghost Points treatment was created by “The King of Medicine” in China, Sun Simiao (someone I have studied in depth, and I even visited his mountain home in China).The word ghost in Chinese has the word “hook” in its character. A ghost is anything that haunts you or has a hook in you. This means you are not free to do what you want because the ghost is convincing you to not be true to yourself. A ghost point treatment releases all the areas that you may be hooked, for example:

  • Your eyes — how you see the world
  • Your heart — how you love
  • Your trust in yourself — do you believe in yourself?
  • Your official rules — Do you follow someone else’s rules or your own

I recommend Ghost Point treatments in the following situations:

  • When life just feels like too big a struggle and you’re working too hard to overcome it.
  • When you don’t feel free in your life.
  • When you are
    living in a toxic situation.
  • When you have past trauma that haunts you.

Typically I recommend a ghost point treatment with anything that feels very hard to overcome. If you are working very hard and not getting any results, that usually means there is something blocking you or haunting you. Most adults have some skeletons in their closet, so it is a good treatment to start with when embarking on a healing path.

4-6 hour Sessions:

A 13 Ghost Point treatment takes four hours and is typically done in one session. These are not just points we rush through. We take the time that is needed to reestablish your true nature and true qi in each of the areas. You cannot expect something that has been really stuck for a long time to move out in an hour. The result of the treatment is a sense of feeling lighter, like some weight has been lifted off of a person.

The session is an incredible time-out-of-life for your healing. It is life altering on a deep subtle level, though the results are sometimes anything but subtle. Many have been amazed that the time passes so quickly. Music is a required component to the session as a vibrational guide to the energy work. The music is selected at random from an iPod containing 20,000 songs of all genres, and a CD of important songs is provided at the follow-up session. Here is what one client had to say about the music:

“I’m amazed by the music that emerged during our session. Some of it carried substantial implications when coupled with your wise words and insight throughout the course of the session. It’s incredible how many of the songs have significant relevance to my personal history while others served to remind me of my core being, who I am, who I strive to be, and conversely, the person I will not allow myself to become.”

What to Bring: Bring any food you’d like to eat during the time. We will take bathroom/eating breaks as necessary. If you believe any personal objects would be helpful to have in the room, you can bring them, but you are not obliged to in any way.

Follow-Up: The next day or soon after, you will return for a One-Hour session that will be focused on strengthening your true qi.

Ongoing Energetic Acupressure sessions: After the initial session, you may want to continue with some ongoing strengthening work, depending on your physical/emotional state. In addition, if you want to continue to work on freeing your spirit, a series of alchemical treatments called the Nine Stage of Alchemy are excellent for accessing your fullest potential and helping you “fly” in your life. These are also one-hour sessions and can be done as little as once a month (either in-person or on a virtual call, like Zoom).

Ghost Points Treatments for Chinese Medicine Practitioners

If you wish to learn more about the Thirteen Ghost Points treatment as a practitioner, you can visit the Alchemy Learning Center site ( We have an online class and an apprenticeship.The Ghost Points are some of the most mysterious points in Chinese Medicine history. Leta has over 15 years of clinical experience with the ghost points, performing numerous treatments a week. For more information, please sign up below. Also check out web site for more information about Alchemy and the Ghost Points:

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I’ve often written in my journal that ‘my heart hurts so much, the pain is physical.’ Now that pain is lifted. Completely lifted!  My cholesterol count dropped from 225 to 161, which my doctor told me is unprecedented in so short a time. I consider that small potatoes compared to the emotional healing that I have experienced.                                          

               –  Woman who suffered with severe PTSD

My son was becoming increasingly dark, like a person I didn’t know anymore. Since his treatment with Leta, he is an absolute joy to have in our lives.                                                                          

 – Mother of 13 year-old boy with Asperger Syndrome

 “I’m very pleased with the personal results I’ve experienced since our four-hour session. The acupressure session helped me focus on re-centering myself on the path of humility and altruism, a path I believe to be the fundamental purpose of my journey through this life. It has helped me calm my fears and to stand up for myself and my beliefs. Indeed, I doubt I would have handled recent difficulties handed down in the workplace in the calm, level-headed manner I did. I have become more adept at resisting letting fear control my emotions and how I respond. I have gained tremendous strength and the episodes of emotion that were overwhelming me have diminished. Above all else I work to keep my attitude in check and to remain true to my core being. Thank you for your role in helping me to heal and achieve self-improvement. I look forward to seeing you again in the future so I may proceed to the next level.”

–Darlotte Justice