October 5, 2015

Ancient Healing for Modern Times – Leta’s Trip to China

Photo of the roofline at the LuoFu Shan temple

Photo of the roofline at the LuoFu Shan temple

In 2010, I visited China with a world renowned Chinese Medicine teacher and 88th-generation Daoist priest, Dr. Jeffrey Yuen.

This year (2015) I have returned to China with Master Jeffrey Yuen to continue our studies of ancient Chinese Medicine philosophies and treatments. Our amazing group of healers from around the world have visited two sacred mountains and many temples. On this trip, we have had a very special opportunity to meet with the head priest and steward at one of the mountains, and we were even the guests for an amazing blessing/healing ceremony on the top of Mao Shan mountain, a ceremony that lasted over 30 minutes with singing and live music (more on that in another post).

Some of the things that Jeffrey Yuen’s teachings have influenced in my practice are: Alchemical Chinese Medicine, the 13 ghost point treatments, Healing Heart pain treatments, Belt Channel treatments, and the treatments for removing toxins from arthritic joints, among many others.

I am incredibly appreciative to Jeffrey for inviting me on this trip and of all who have supported my return to China. This is my first post from China since we have been so busy. We’ve not had much Wifi access on this trip, but today we’re staying in Hangzhou, which is a very friendly and modern city. Please see the other posts for pictures and news of the trip!

Blessings from China,