SMART Workshop for Pain Relief

Learn the SMART™ Way 
to Get Pain Relief!
SMART: Sinew Meridian Acupressure Release Therapy
Sunday, January 11th,
12:30 – 4:30 p.m.,
Northampton, MA
Leta created this unique Acupressure technique for pain release.
“I have an amazing, fun class planned for everyone. I have been looking forward to teaching this class for a very long time! I hope to see everyone in January!”          –Leta
In this class you will begin to learn:
— The Sinew Meridians of the body – these are a different system of meridians than the Primary Meridians taught in most schools
— The Sinew Meridian Release Technique – using a systematic manipulation of the isolated muscles with weighted resistance, this technique releases painful muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the arms, legs, hands, feet, back, and neck
 — Acutouch – this energetic massage technique releases wind (tension and resistance) in conjunction with the Sinew Releases
Energetic Acupressure & Sinew Releases
Combined to make a powerful and unique technique for healing
Anyone who wants to learn this amazing healing skill is welcome to apply for this class. 
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“SMART is a powerful and effective way to heal
and is ideal for massage therapists, athletes, musicians, and office workers.”    
— Leta
Don’t miss this hands-on, information-packed,
experiential 4-hour workshop!
Only 20 students will be in this workshop!  
Here are the details:
  • What:  A 4-hour, hands-on intensive on SMART: Sinew Meridian Acupressure Release Therapy taught by Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy.
  • Class overview: Overview of the Sinew Meridians, Sinew Release demonstrations, Energetic Acutouch for Releasing Wind, Practical applications, technique, hands-on practice, Q&A session.
  • When:  Sunday, January 11th
  • Time:  12:30-4:30PM
  • Location: Northampton, MA 
  • Cost: $150.00 (discounts available for early registration and registering for multiple workshops)
  • Includes: SMART workbook, custom Sinew Meridian chart, and light refreshments.
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