February 9, 2017

Want to get stoned? Stone Medicine & Spiritual Cultivation

Stone Medicine has been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Many of us already practice Stone Medicine and don’t even realize it. We take our calcium and magnesium or other minerals as “vitamins.” But these vitamins are the mineral matter that make up stones.

I just returned from an amazing workshop on Stone Medicine in Arizona on Spiritual Cultivation and Stone Medicine. I love this approach to Stone Medicine and am coming home with many great ideas for my existing clients. The theory behind this approach is to emphasize the growth and spiritual cultivation of every person with stones called “Transformers.” These stones help us change. Change is great, but we all know change is hard. So in this approach, you combine a Transformer with a “Harmonizer” stone to provide us with ease while we are changing.

There are many uses of Stone Medicine. Here are just a few to give you some ideas:

  • Aventurine‘s ability to relieve pain (it’s often called Stone Aspirin).
  • Bloodstone‘s ability to stop bleeding.
  • Chalcedony‘s ability to help you see the light when feeling like you can’t go on.
  • Red Jasper‘s ability to help acute insomnia.
  • Tiger Eye‘s ability to help lower high blood pressure.

There are also many different ways of using stones for medicine.

  • You can wear stones as jewelry (pendants, bracelets, anklets even). Often the type of jewelry depends on which meridians you want to affect.
  • You can also tape small pieces of stones to acu-points. This is a very powerful way to use the stones.
  • You can also create a matrix of stones around the body (on a healing table for example) placing some under the feet and above the head, for example.
  • You can grind them up and make a poultice for certain topical issues.
  • The strongest form of delivery by far is the elixir — soaking the stones in water and then drinking the water.

I have decided to begin offering Stone Medicine in my practice. I have been studying Stone Medicine for many years now, but it takes a long time to learn it, just as much as learning the points!

If you would like to experience Stone Medicine, please let me know on your next appointment. You don’t need a separate appointment for Stone Medicine.  Jaye McElroy has been practicing Stone Medicine for many years and is making specialized jewelry. Together Jaye and I can create a special Chinese Medicine healing piece just for you.

Call our office to make an appointment if you’re interested in getting stoned, in a healthy way! 413-213-0303.