April 27, 2016

When I’m 49 (read 64 for men)!

Leta Herman photo copyYesterday I turned 49, which is the most important year for women in Chinese Medicine. Women mature in 7 year cycles, and 49 is 7 x 7!

Men, on the other hand, mature in 8 year cycles. It makes sense doesn’t it? Think of a 14 year-old girl vs. a 16 year-old boy. We all see it. Men mature more slowly, so their moment of glory is 8 x 8 = 64… or as Paul McCartney knew at age 16…”When I’m 64!”)

What this means is at age 49, women start living for themselves (ostensibly instead of for the kids or the spouse or the career). When you reach age 49 (or 64 for men), it’s time to take stock in life and consider what you really want. If you’re not doing it, believe me a mid-life crisis in on the horizon. Why do you think the whole concept of mid-life crisis was conceived? It’s for this inherent shift in all of us at mid-life. A time to stop thinking about doing for everyone else and consider doing for ourselves.

So, watch out world! No mid-life crisis here. I’m on my way! Join me?